We Warned You!

Tasmania’s Economic Regulator approves increase!!

As reported Friday the 23rd of June.

Electricity prices will rise two per cent, or about $38, next year, the Tasmanian Economic Regulator confirmed on Friday.

However, regulator Joe Dimasi warned prices would vary between households. 

For example, residences with low light and power usage and high space heating usage could expect to see an increase of about $77 in their annual bill, while high light and power usage and low space heating usage customers would see increases as low as $9.

Treasurer Peter Gutwein said the price rise cap of two per cent would secure prices for 12 months from July 1.

“When you compare it to outcomes in other states across the country, where we’ve seen between 16 and 20 per cent increases, we can say quite confidently that in Tasmania, we’ll have the lowest price rises in the country.”

However, no cap has been promised the following year.

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