The Block and Daikin

Been watching The Block?

Daikin is the exclusive air conditioner supplier for the Block season 2017

Daikin’s VRV IV-S system was the recommended product for the show. Due to the narrow lot sizes, the compact footprint of the outdoor unit allowed for it to be placed out of sight without compromising on the external appearance of the home – a key consideration when it comes to selling!

Also, another important aspect of the show is its focus on styling. The variety of indoor units that can be connected (from wall mounted, floor standing, ducted, cassettes, and ceiling suspended units), meant that the contestants were provided with the ability to pick those that were best suited to the style of their home to create a truly customised and contemporary design.
Installed in the studio above the garage is a Daikin Cora split system. This unit has been connected to Daikin’s D-Mobile to provide the ability to operate and check on the unit from the main house.

Ratings wise it has been a hit. For example, Channel Ten’s Supercars Championship coverage of Bathurst on Sunday’s day time programming wasn’t enough of a lead up, to knock Nine’s The Block, off the top spot as Sunday’s leading program.

So in short, Daikin was chosen by The Block  as a reliable Heating/Cooling option for this massive project. Jessups Solar Squad solely uses Daikin products for the same reason.

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