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Talking Commercial Solar: Live Broadcast with Brian Carlton

Jessups Solar Squad was live to air on LAFM, Tasmania Talks with Brian Carlton.  On Wednesday 6th February from 9 am to 12 noon, we discussed all aspects of commercial solar.  This event was a follow up from our hugely successful first live show in December on home solar.

The word is out… Commercial solar is so viable that it is a no brainer!

Have a listen, hear the news and discussions:


1. Brian Carlton: Why Commercial Solar is a No Brainer!


2. Khyle Frost, Owner of the Wharf Hotel in Wynnyard


3. Robert Mallett, CEO of Small Business Council of Tasmania



If you have a business premises, even if you rent, you can cut or even eliminate your power bills with solar.  With rent to own, you can have a $100 residual buy out in as little as 4 years.

If you own a commercial property, you can install solar to provide power to tenants. After short payback period you will start getting 15% – 33% returns on charging the tenants a discounted rate for power.

On the home front, solar power is also a no brainer, but only if you get the top performing and long lasting reliability of a Jessups Solar Squad system.  You will have peace of mind and cut your power bills for decades to come.

Want more information about how a solar system can work for you?  Request a free analysis or call us today!


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