Suntech Solar Panels Give Quality That Lasts

At Jessups Solar Squad we are committed to only suppling the best in solar systems.  We are 100% convinced that Suntech panels are a superiour brand of solar panel.  Here’s why:

Most importantly, Sunctech are independently rated as a Teir 1 supplier of solar panels and hold their panels are VDE certified.

Suntech is a world leading producer of crystalline silicon solar modules. Combined with their worldwide references, the extraordinarily high quality of our modules offers ideal conditions for the optimal returns from your solar installation.  Suntech recently announced a restructure which has resulted in a debt ratio of around 34%. This means long term security for the company and more importantly a secure position to deliver the best customer service to you well into the future.

A quality solar installation is a longterm investment that can provide decades of stable yields. Suntech internationally accredited module testing demonstrates reliable production until years 28-32 where panels were still producing power to 80% of their original performance. This is world leading performance. Ask us for the full test results to compare performance of all brands.

commercial-solar-solarsquad-savingsTo achieve these premium results for the long term, we only partner with the best suppliers, state-of-the-art production technology, comprehensive quality management and continual further development. The advantage for you lies in the high level of investment security offered by our solar modules.

Every day, more than 15 million Suntech modules generate electricity in over 80 countries. That is equivalent to an installed output of 3 GW, giving us one of the biggest and most versatile installation bases in the world. In turn, this enables you to profit from Suntech’s know-how and many years of experience.

You may still have some questions about using renewable, green energy and energy efficiency solutions. If you still have any pressing questions that we haven’t answered, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 552 785 or 6331 6933 immediately and we will help.

John Thirgood
Managing Director,  Jessups Solar Squad

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