Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water

  • Make the most of the sun’s natural heat source
  • Reduce or eliminate your hot water cost
  • Reduce your environmental impact

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating or upgrading your hot water system, we have a comprehensive range of options. Each home is different, and there are are many factors to determine which solar hot water system will suit your needs.

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Edson evacuated tube and heat pump solar hot water systems

Evacuated Tube System

This option is largely becoming popular due to its tubular design which helps capture the suns heat from wider angles more efficiently than the flat plate system. These evacuated tubes act like double glazed windows capturing and trapping high temperatures into a liquid within a copper tube. Your water is pumped to your solar panel where it passes the very hot liquid and then travels back to your hot water storage tank.

Heat Pump Hot Water System

A heat pump solar hot water system doesn’t actually need solar panels. It works by collecting heat from air, water or ground but the most common is air-sourced. This is the same way a Heat Pump collects heat, using refrigerant gas and compression. Along with Heat Pumps for heating your home, this system works very well in the cooler climates as it can still collect heat well into minus temperatures. See How a Heat Pump Works to understand how it steals heat from even sub zero temperatures.

Which Solar Hot Water System is Best For You?

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