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Review for Jessups Solar Squad

We are very pleased that after a long process of assessment of suppliers and system, we selected Jessups because of their honest and matter-of-fact approach to providing the detail and information about their solar systems. Mike was always available to discuss and review options and had a very open book approach on what Jessups could supply. I must say that of all the supports we talked with, Jessups were the only people to have an electrician check our meter box and include a quote for converting the metering over to 3 phase … this is just one example of the attention to detail that Mike was prepared to do to help us sort out the real costs going forward. The installation went very well although some issues with availability of the panels but the replacement panels wete of higher power but supplied at original quoted price.. thank you Jessups! Ben Williams installed the system over 2 days and he and his support were on-time, respectful, professional and all work was certified and passed inspection without an issue. System will be switched on tomorrow and I don’t expect any issues but we feel very confident that Mick and the Jessups team are will be there if needed for any ongoing support. Thanks Jessups team for a stress free experience and happy to suggest anyone to seriously consider Jessups for solar power systems. 😊😊😊😊😊

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