Residential Solar Systems

Solar Power for Your Home

Take control of your energy, invest in your future & reduce your environmental impact with a residential solar system.

Sustainable Energy

Solar energy is a sustainable, renewable and an affordable way to power your home and preserve our valuable resources.

Freedom From Bills

Increases in power prices are inevitable. Investing in the right solar system is a clear path to controlling your cost of living for decades to come.

The Highest Returns

By investing in our high quality Suntech and SMA grid systems you will get a short pay back period, high performance and decades of reliability and endurance.

A Sound Investment

Your solar system will pay for itself in a surprisingly short period of time. Our most popular residential solar system size, typically sees $1200-$1600 saved from your power bill in the first year. Larger systems can tackle higher bills and even eliminate the bill completely. Ask us for a full analysis of your options and projected returns with a free analysis and quote.

The added bonus is that solar credits are not classified as income. All your energy savings and power sold to the grid are non-taxable. The credit balances that you accrue with your energy retailer can be refunded to your bank account at anytime (by request).

Our quality residential solar systems have next to no maintenance costs.  The solar panels are self cleaning and rarely require attention.

Home Solar Systems Tasmania

Which Solar System Will Suit Your Home & Lifestyle?

We will evaluate your requirements, recommend the best solution and provide costs, including your expected return on investment.

What Our Customers Say...

When we hear about the price of electricity going up, we’re pleased – it means we make even more money selling the extra power back to Aurora!

Kryz and Rebecca Woodhouse, Trevallyn

The helpful service and advice I got from Jessups Solar Squad was absolutely fantastic. I could not recommend them more highly, thank you Jessups Solar Squad for a fantastic job.

Bob Hatley, Perth, Tasmania

Fabulous service by this company when we had our solar panels installed last month. Prior to installation, they couldn’t have been more helpful; and during the installation the two technicians were extremely efficient and timely, always courteous and helpful and finished the entire job in an amazingly short time with the minimum of inconvenience to us. Would recommend this company to anyone wishing to have PVs installed in their home. A 5-star company for sure!

Belinda Lehner

We received around 10 different quotes from different companies and John and Jessups were the stand out for complete detail. Achieving larger systems by utilizing space on the roof better to other additional features to save us further money. The predicted outcomes are accurate and everything was installed incredibly quickly. After sales questions and service is attended to very promptly. Definitely a company to go for if you are looking for someone that will back their products and be there for the life of the system. Would be happy to recommend John and the team at Jessups to anyone. Thanks guys!

Ben Wilson

Get up to 27% Better Performance with a Quality Solar System

When a solar system is quality it out lasts all others and maintains production levels for longer. It is for this reason that Jessups Solar Squad recommends purchasing high quality solar PV panels and inverters.

Like most solar panels in Australia, Suntech solar panels are rated as Tier 1. But more importantly they are and only 1 of 2 panels that hold VDE Certification. SMA inverters are the only inverters worldwide to be awarded VDE Certification. SMA offer up to 25 years in warranty options, illustrating their total confidence product.

These PV panels and inverters are typically more expensive than other brands but their enduring value and performance means that your investment in solar power is secure.

The production outcomes of the solar systems are important when it comes to your return on investment. In Launceston, we see marked differences in durability and performance of up to 27% in 12 months. Proving that high-end solar panels will deliver you more power.

With limited roof space and system size limits, getting up to 27% better performance from day one coupled with decades of enduring reliability, will lower your power bills and give higher returns.

Our Easy 4-Step Process

To ensure the planning, purchase and installation of your solar panels are smooth and easy, we have developed a 4-step process. There are many different elements to solar system design and installation, but rest assured that we will guide you through the entire process and have your system up and running as quickly as possible.

1. Proposal

We analyse your situation to design the optimum solar system for you. Your proposal gives product selection, PV panel layout and full financials, including a quote and projected financial returns.

2. Detailed Design

We design the nitty-gritty installation details, along with detailed system specifications. At this stage we can also develop a payments schedule to suit you.

3. Installation

Jessups Solar Squad’s qualified electrical contractors carry out all installations. Our trusted team are experienced and skilled tradespeople that have proven to be reliable. We guarantee all workmanship.

4. Test & Measure

All our solar systems have the latest in connectivity, giving you access via your device. Retrieve up-to-date and comprehensive performance information on your solar gains.

Throughout the entire process, we prepare and guide you through rebates, paperwork and sign-offs, creating a stress free process for you. Request a free analysis from us today!

Which Solar System Will Suit Your Home & Lifestyle?

We will evaluate your requirements, recommend the best solution and provide costs, including your expected return on investment.