Commercial Solar: Renting Your Solar System

When it comes to purchasing a solar system for your business, there is now an attractive rental option to consider. Jessups Solar Squad offers a personalised rental option which gives you the financial benefits of generating solar power on your premises without the upfront investment.

Did you know that you can reduce around 85% of your daytime power with a commercial solar installation? But that’s not all of the good news…

Why Rent a Commercial Solar System?

Renting a solar system does make good business sense.  Typically, the financial advantages of commercial solar energy generation is so good that, even with renting, it still provides significant savings.

Spending Less: Typically, the rent on a commercial solar system is lower than the amount saved on the power bill. This means that even with the added cost of rental, you are still saving money on power.

No Deposits: We do not require any upfront payments.

100% Tax Deductible: All your rental payments are tax deductible!

No Bank Loan: Without a bank loan you lighten the constraints of future business borrowings.

Better Cash Flow: Whilst a bank loan’s interest rate is typically a few percent lower than the one built into the rental deal, this is more than offset by the advantage of full tax deductibility compared to amortising the loan. By only claiming the interest component and the capital depreciation on a loan option you would be cash flow disadvantaged.

After Rental, Buy It For a Small Cost: Depending on your system size, you can own the equipment in 3-7 years with a small payout figure of a few hundreds dollars. This is then brought onto your plant & equipment schedule at this very small value on the tax books.

Ongoing Savings: The savings continue and only get bigger after the rental period. Once you own it, you get double digit percent ROI (return on investment). You can rely on many decades of optimal performance to come, with 25 years of panel warranty* and reliable scientific performance modelling proving our equipment is a thoroughly sound investment.

As you can see, renting a commercial solar system is likely to be a good financial decision for your business.

Crunching The Numbers For You

We have seen rental solar systems give short term and long term financial benefits for businesses across Tasmania.  Based on our experience, we are able to analyse your power consumption and rates, match an optimum system size, and calculate the optimum rental period.  We will present this tailored analysis to you so you can clearly see the projected costs and savings.

Who would have thought that the bigger your current power bill, the more cash flow you can redirect back into your business!

See how renting a solar system can benefit you by requesting a free analysis today.

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