Solar prices to Increase! Beat the Price Rise Act Now

The REC rebate will be affected by supply and demand or as Greenbank Environmental explain….

“The 2017 Small-scale technology percentage has been announced to be 7.01% or just under 13 million STCs for the year which is lower than the previously released non-binding 2017 small-scale technology percentage of 9.02% (15.96 million STCs). 

 This will most likely lead to an oversupply of STCs after June 2017, given the large reduction in the number of STCs that liable entities will be required to purchase to meet their STC liability.  As a result of the oversupply, STC prices are likely to become more volatile and see prices reduce significantly”.

Jessups Solar Squad encourages you to look into Solar, whether for domestic or commercial, while the window of opportunity stays open for a short time. This news could mean an increase in solar prices due to a decrease in Government rebates tipped to be on July 1st.

Don’t miss the boat, there is no better time to invest in solar.

Speak to the bright sparks at Jessups Solar Squad soon and let them cut your power bill by up to 85% or bin it entirely!

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Greenbank Environmental (GBT), established in 2003, is one of Australia’s largest independent environmental traders.

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