Off-Grid Solar Systems

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Providing independence, sustainability and cost savings to Tasmanians.

Off Grid Solar Systems Tasmania

Off-Grid Living for Tasmanians is Here!

At Jessups Solar Squad we are excited to be designing and installing off-grid solar power systems for Tasmanians. The idea of running your home free from power bills has always been attractive. With the latest advancements in technology and lowering production costs, we offer the best off-grid solar systems for the Tassie climate!

There are a number of reasons that Tasmanian’s are choosing to install off-grid.  Some have made this decision to gain total independence from power companies, while others find it is a necessity due to their remote location.

Our High Performing Off-Grid Solution

An off-grid solar system is a self-contained electricity generation and storage system. Electricity is generated by the solar panels and stored in a battery for use in the home.

Our high-yield Suntech solar panels coupled with Arvio’s Independence Day System, featuring the super capacitor Arvio battery, are proving to be the winning combination!  This quality system will provide reliable, maintenance free, solar generation for many years to come.

Suntech PV Solar Panels

Suntech PV panels are the top choice for discerning buyers. They have been rated as Tier 1 and more importantly, are one of just two brands that hold the VDE quality certification. The VDE certification is validated by the Green House Office and is an accreditation based on data that proves the panels consistently give higher solar electricity yields.

Off grid solar system Tasmania

Arvio Independence Day System

The Arvio Titan Long Life Batteries are the latest and greatest in battery technology and the feature of the Arvio Independence Day System. This battery shows the potential of up to one million (1,000,000) cycles. Arvio states that they “expect unrivalled full performance levels for the first 40 years”. This is a massive breakthrough when we consider that Lithium Acid batteries have a life expectancy of just 5000 to 6000 cycles.

Not only does the battery have unparalleled performance, it is eco-friendly too! The battery is made of carbon sprinkles (graphine particles) on paper, all rolled up tight in an aluminium outer case. As the Arvio battery is made of natural products, it can be composted at end of life.

Benefits of Arvio Battery

What Size Off-Grid Solar System Will You Need?

We will evaluate your requirements, recommend the best solution and provide costs, including your expected return on investment.

The Arvio Titan IDS (Independence Day System)

The Arvio Titan IDS (Independence Day System)

This unique system from Arvio is the future of off-grid battery power. It’s plug and play and designed to last twenty years. This high performing system comprises four main components:

  1. Solar Inverter
    This diverts power for use by your property first, what is not used is then directed to your battery inverter.
  2. Battery Inverter
    The battery inverter inverts currents from DC to AC, for household use, and from AC to DC, for battery storage. The Selectronic inverters are Australian made and known for their robust, reliable performance and high peaking per phase.
  3. Arvio Titan Long Life Batteries
    These super long life batteries are likely to last longer than any other active component of the system! They boast a massive 35,000 cycles (compared to ion batteries with around 5000-6000 cycles) and have very high charging and discharging capabilities.
  4. Arvio E-Maxx
    This is the battery management system and remote access unit. It allows you to remotely view your system through a phone app. If need be, the installer or Arvio can remotely access to your system to program it or monitor system performance.

Contact us or request a free analysis to have an off-grid solar solution tailored to suit you.

What Size Off-Grid Solar System Will You Need?

We will evaluate your requirements, recommend the best solution and provide costs, including your expected return on investment.