Mensland Loves Their Solar & LED

Following a discussion with Jessups Solar Squad I was convinced the investment was a wise one with long term benefits. John also tailored up an energy plan for Mensland in Charles Street and after that, it was an easy decision.

In short, my last two quarterly bil
ls were $2,300 and after Jessups Solar Squad had installed the Solar panels and the new LED lighting, my last bill was only $590!

I was very happy with the stores outcome. I then got John and his team do the same energy solution at my home, where we have now installed a 5.0Kw system installed.

I can only speak highly of John and his team for the time and effort they put in to Mensland and my home. I would recommend Jessups Solar squad to any home or business wishing to cut power costs and suggest they talk to John and his team soon or request a quote.

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