An Ideal Energy Solution: LED Lighting & Solar Panels

Today we finalized a commercial solar in 260 panel layout! It is a straight, precision job that we are proud of.  Next is the cabling and the inverter hook-up to make it complete. Along with the solar system, we will replace around 400 lights with LEDs.

With replacing all incandescent, fluorescent and sundry old style power hungry lights with LED globes, we see approximately 62% savings on power usage. Importantly, this strategy heavily reduces the sites continuous electricity demand.  Together with the solar PV system further reduces the overall demand for grid power by around 85%.

Woolston Printers Project
Woolston Printing’s energy saving success story in the TCCI news

Yes, Woolston Printers, a northern Tasmanian printing business, will enjoy around an 85% reduction in their power bills, against historical consumption levels.  This gives them a quick 5 year payback period on their initial investment.

This real life example, highlights that when considering a solar system it is also important to consider energy usage. Already this business is using heat pumps for space heating, the most energy efficient heating solution. The recently built facility also has good insulation. Installing LED lighting will further reduce their energy usage and has reduced the size of the rooftop solar system they require. With this balanced approach, we have delivered a solution that gives the maximum benefit at minimum cost.

Simply looking at solar panels alone is not the ideal approach to reduce energy costs. While it seems obvious, the ideal approach is to:

  • firstly, look at creating lower electricity demand (with energy efficient solutions)
  • secondly, address the remainder of the daytime demand by matching it with solar hours.

This delivers the best overall result, and generally promises a similar (if not better) payback period.

For a business, electricity costs are generally one of the top four costs of operation.  Reducing electricity costs is the a major opportunity to heavily reduce cost of business, drive a better bottom line and be more competitive.

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