Heat Transfer Systems

Heat transfer systems allow you to use heated air in your home that would otherwise be wasted. Whether you have heat in your roof space or over heated main rooms, you can move this heat to areas of the house that need it.

Heat transfer systems can have a massive impact on the comfort of your home and reduce your energy bills. The technology is proven, efficient, reliable and economical.

There are two options available for heat transfer, transferring heat from your main room and a combination system that will also transfer heat from your ceiling.

Heat Transfer Between Rooms

Heat Transfer SystemsMost homes with a heat source such as a fire or heat pump concentrate the heat in one area of the home. Heat transfer systems simply move the air around your home and as a result the heat is distributed to other rooms in the house. Move warm air from a high temperature zone (usually a lounge with the primary heating) to areas such as bedrooms or hallways. Often we warm the room we spend most our time in, and the rest of the house can be cold or damp. The room with the heat source can have excess heat, with a heat distribution system you can distribute the extra warmth to other parts of the house.

You can have multiple outlets in different rooms to heat your entire home from one main heating source.

Heat your whole house from your main heat source. Contact us to find out how it can be used in your home.

Heat Transfer From Roof Space and Between Rooms

Heat Transfer Combination SystemA combination system (positive pressure and heat transfer) takes warmer air from the ceiling space and pushes it through the house, this raises the air pressure in the house slightly, pushing out moist air, which causes dampness and condensation, and replaces it with warm air from the ceiling.

When you have a heat source in the home, a valve allows the system to double as a heat transfer system to distribute that heat through your home.

This system gives you the power of positive pressure to reduce dampness and use the free solar generated heat from your roof space. It also works very well in conjunction with heat pumps.

Combined systems use motorised air valves to switch between heat transfer and positive pressure. Summer cooling is also available.

Sounds like something you would like to investigate for your home? Contact us today for advice on how heat transfer systems can be best utilised in your home.


Heat Transfer Combination System Summer & Winter

The heat transfer & positive pressure system can warm the house in Winter and cool the house in Summer