Hazelwood power station

Hazelwood Power Station Closure to Impact Tasmanian Electricity Prices

Hazelwood power stationThe Examiner (February 23rd) reported that the closure of Victorias Hazelwood Power Station in March will affect prices electricity in Tasmania and that medium-sized Tasmanian businesses, in particular, are likely to feel the Hazelwood squeeze.

The report went on about “Changes to tariff structures for regulated electricity pricing which come into effect on July 1” would be friendlier to home owners and businesses hip pockets.

Opposition Leader Bryan Green commented back that it would “Hit small and medium businesses hard” and that the scrapping of tariff 41, which offered discounts on household hot water consumption, was particularly contentious.

You don’t need a crystal ball to see that there is no way to avoid increases in power prices for households and business alike in the near future.

Domestic SolarAt Jessups Solar Squad we can assist you, on the domestic level and in commercial business, in the reduction of power bills. Jessups Solar Squad is a local Tasmanian company with roots going back 78 years. This means you wont get caught with “fly by nighters” or mainland companies that somehow can’t be reached when local issues arise. Jessups are always there for continued service and back up.

Did you know your home with a simple 5.7kW Solar panel system could reduce your current power bills by up to 60%? In addition, with the introduction of batteries to store your own generated energy, can eventually or potentially say goodbye to power bills.

Commercial SolarSize does matter. Commercially, a company installing a 99.84kW Solar Panel system have saved around $32,000* per annum of their power bill, which was around 45%. After as little as a 2 years 3 months to payback, they have an investment that still returns 45% per annum, giving many decades ahead of self generated power, rather than more power bills!

If you want to know more (and who wouldn’t!) request a free analysis, or call the Jessups Solar Squad Team today on 6331 6933.

*based on common 12.7% feed in rate.

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