Solar Battery Storage for Grid-Connected Solar

Solar Battery Storage for Grid-Connect Systems

Take full control of your power supply with a solar grid-connected battery storage.

Grid-Connect Solar Battery Storage is Here

At Jessups Solar Squad we are always on the lookout for the latest battery technology that can compliment our quality solar solutions. Arvio’s latest release delivers a revolutionary battery solution for all grid-connect systems.

That’s right, if your solar system is connected to the electricity grid, you can now add this long-lasting, high-capacity battery to your solar system. This battery solution, known as the Independence Day, can be tailored to suit both residential or commercial applications.

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Independence Day System: The Ultimate Battery Solution for Your On-Grid Solar System

The Independence Day System is specially designed to give independence from the electricity grid. You can now store and use your own solar power, even when the electricity grid is down.

It works much like an off-grid system, but remains connected to grid – giving you the best of both worlds.

Electricity is generated by your solar panels and stored in the battery for use at your property, day and night. This allows you to use your stored power rather than purchasing power from the grid. In the event of a grid power outage, your stored power is an invaluable resource.

When you upgrade your grid-connect system with the Independence Day package you get:

  • Storage of your solar power (rather than selling it at low cost to the grid).
  • Use of stored power when you need it (no more buying power from the grid).
  • Power sold to the grid when your battery is full.
  • Ample stored power available for grid power outages.

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Arvio Ultracapacitor Battery - with logo

Features of The Independence Day Solar Battery System

This high performing solar battery storage is built to last and can be customised to suit all situations including:

  • residential or large-scale commercial solar systems.
  • new or existing grid-connect solar systems.
  • scalable to any size and set for any voltage

The Independence Day System features the Arvio Ultracapacitor Battery.  This battery uses cutting edge technology to:

  • Last for over 30000 cycles – which is over 30 years.
  • Deliver unlimited peaking power for the toughest and most demanding applications, including Electric Vehicles (EV) charging.
  • Discharge (DOD) to 100% without shortening the life of the battery.

Rest assured that the Independence Day System is backed by the manufacturer’s 10 year warranty.

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