Solar Panels

Great News On Solar!

Solar PanelsA solar park at Merino Street in Launceston is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 600,000 kilograms per year. The $2 million project is creating 15 jobs with the power generated sold to the tenants at a price which is significantly less than they are currently experiencing, and any surplus will go into the grid its been reported.

John Thirgood from Jessups Solar squad says “Renewable energy is the current buzzword and with improved technology, pricing coming down and generous government rebates still on the table, a Solar System from Jessups Solar Squad is now half the price”.

“In this case the landlord is making life for tenants easier by offering a better deal on energy costs, perhaps even fixed over the leasing term. The Landlord keeps the tenant happy and longer, while the tenant benefits from lower energy costs… It’s a win, win” John said.

Mr Thirgood explained “If you own the premises or renting it, there is a great benefit to going solar. At Jessups we offer a purchase or rental option and with that, a Jessups Solar System can reduce your power bills by a whopping 85%! And systems can pay for itself within three years!! From then on, your business pockets every cent in savings. In the case of a 100kw system that was a saving of over $35,000 a year… and every year there on! Furthermore, with our knowledge on new battery technology you could eliminate your power bills entirely! C’mon, surely there is no downside to looking into solar and I’m happy to talk to anyone on the benefits.”

Jessups Solar Squad has been around longer than anyone locally specialising in energy efficient lighting, heating, battery and solar panel technology using only premium products backed by guarantees from Jessups and its manufacturers.

For peace of mind and expert advice, call the Solar Squad team today and start reaping up to 85% of your commercial power bill today. Request a free analysis today!


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