Turn Your Excess Power Into Hot Water

You’ll be asking “What’s the catch” soon……but for a very different reason…….

Let us at Jessups Solar Squad tell you about a great new product that will excite anyone that has Solar Panels.

Generally it’s not economical to run your hot water from your Solar System. In Tasmania hot water and heating is generally placed on tariff 41 which is charged out at 16 cents per kilowatt hour. Wired up to the Solar System means changing to tariff 31, that’s charged out at 26 cents per kilowatt hour, therefore when the sun goes down you are actually paying around 60% more to your provider, and that’s not a wise move to pay more for hot water or heating from dusk till dawn..

Solution?  Well it could be “Catch Power” a device that actually uses your solar panels to heat your hot water. “Feed in” is the term used for any power generated that is not used, this leaves your home and makes its merry way back to your provider (who in return will insult you with paying you 6 cents per kilowatt hour in return). Anyway “Catch Power” does exactly that, it senses any power leaving your home and diverts it to your hot water tank.

Catch claims it will reduce your reliance on mains supplied power by an average of 85%!

It works with your existing hot water tank and only takes an electrician to install. Size wise, estimates of anything over a 4Kw Solar Panel System will heat your water 100%.

In short, your solar panels powers the home first then diverts surplus power to your hot water tank. Why give your unused power away? Catch Power Green is around $1,150 from Jessups Solar Squad and is a great device and a must for anyone with Solar Power.

Like to know more? (We know you do!)

Give us a call at Jessups Solar Squad or do an online enquiry on this website and when you enter the contact name part, put your name and “Re Catch” and we’ll tell you more.

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