Daikin Heat Pumps

Energy Efficiency with Daikin Heats Pumps

Heating can have a big impact on your energy bills, Daikin constantly strive to make their heat pumps more energy efficient.  All Daikin heat pumps incorporate their advanced inverter technology for more efficient operation and enhanced in-home comfort.

Top Quality Daikin inverter heat pumps are working well at Fingal, Liawenee and even on the ticket box at Falls Creek snow resort, which is well under zero degrees outside.

Daikin has recently released new models that demonstrate over 30% more efficiency than their earlier models. The older models were already leading the market for performance by 11% (Choice Magazine, p48, April 2010)

Effectively the system is taking free heat from nature (outside air), which is why is it much cheaper to run than other heating alternatives. Old type heat pumps used around 1kw of power to steal and deliver some 2.65kw of heat. This is known as EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) or COP (Co-efficiency of Performance) Dakin now have a world leading EEF of 7 in their product line up. Meaning, 1kw of power is used to produce 7kw’s of heat!

Want to know exactly how a heat pump uses heat from outside air?  See our blog post, How a Heat Pump Works.

Want to know how you can heat your space with an energy efficient heat pump?  Request a free evaluation to get a tailored recommendation and quote.

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John Thirgood
Managing Director,  Jessups Solar Squad

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