Commercial Solar

You Think The Sun is Bright?!

Commercial SolarSome fun facts about commercial solar to absorb from your friendly solar people at Jessups Solar Squad…

Let’s break it down:

  • The sun is still free.
  • Massive rebates apply up to 100 kw system, whether you have huge power bills needing a 100kw system, or anywhere in between.
  • A 100 Kw Solar System can cut around 85% of a typical business‘s power bills.
  • Based on current pricing, that’s around $30,000 to $35,000 thousand dollars per annum off power bills from $35k upwards power bill! (Or up to $40,000 thousand with proposed price hikes becoming a reality) and smaller or bigger bills we can assess and provide projected fantastic outcomes here as well.
  • Government rebates still do exist, in this case around $68,000 rebate, this sees some 49% of the outlay covered so you only pay as little as $80k nett to install.
  • Own the building or renting it, doesn’t matter as it will pay for itself in around two and a half years!

In a nutshell… Yes, Commercial Solar is more affordable than ever.

Renting is a solar system makes sense

Commercially, renting a solar system does make good business sense. Typically the financial advantages of commercial solar energy are so good that, even with renting, it still provides significant savings.

Spending Less: The rental on a commercial solar system is lower than the amount saved on the power bill. This means that even with the added cost of rental, you are still saving money against power bills.

No Deposit: No thanks, all good here, nothing required.

100% Tax Deductible: I’ll repeat that… All your rental payments are tax deductible! Then at the last payment, in this case end year three, simply pay $100 and it’s yours !

Consider a Green Subsidised Bank Loan

Prefer not to rent a system? A Green subsidised Bank Loan, is also profitable alternative to renting.

Fast Pay Back: Own the solar system (from power bill savings) in just three years.

Increase cash flow: as the payments are less than the power bills you no longer see!

In 3 years: You have eliminated the power costs and show a taxable profit of around $40k (on a 100Kw System). That’s over 40% ROI, rather than ongoing bills, for power produced from your now wholly owned solar power station!!This is projected to continue for many decades when you invest in extremely reliable equipment.

Solar Saves Money

Get a Tailored Solution

Are your bills smaller or greater than the example given? That’s where we come in. We analyse your situation and tailor a solution to suit.

You think the sun is bright? Request your free analysis from the team at Jessups Solar Squad today and brighten your business’ bottom line



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