Commercial Solar

Commercial solar makes good business sense

Large solar solutions are proven to give a healthy return on investment. Whether you own your premises or rent it, solar power is a viable option.

Increasingly commercial solar systems are being installed on the roofs of industrial buildings, sports clubs, office buildings and shopping centres. With good reason, these roof spaces offer large surfaces with minimal shade, enabling maximum yield and attractive profits.

Want to find out how investing in solar will benefit your Tasmanian business? Request a free analysis to get details of a recommended system and a full projection of return on investment.

Short pay back & high returns

RET Rebates pay for 1/3 of your purchase price. Your capital outlay will return to you in 4-5 years. Your return on investment is typically over 20% p.a.

A low risk, secure investment

Your investment is secure at your site and you can monitor its performance anytime.  Solar systems have almost zero maintenance requirements or costs.

High yields for up to 32 years

Independent model testing on Suntech panels has proven that they drop a maximum of 20% of their day 1 performance by years 28-32. This is world leading performance.

Even as rental, the numbers still add up

When you take up our rental option, you typically own the system in 6-8 years. While renting, your payments are likely to be less than your power bill savings. Find out more…

Reduced heat ingress into the building

Solar installations also help to reduce heat ingress into your building by shading the roof. This has been seen to reduce air conditioning costs.

Eliminate the majority of your business power costs

A typical business can eliminate 85% of their day time power bills from a commercial solar system.

Planning & Installation – The Process

To ensure your planning, purchase and installation is smooth and easy, we have developed a standard 4 step process. There are many different elements to solar system design and installation, but rest assured that we will guide you through the entire process and have your system up and running as quickly as possible.

Throughout the entire process, we prepare and guide you through all paper work, creating a fast, stress free process for you.

How much will your property earn with solar?

We will recommend the most profitable solution, provide costs, the expected break even point and return on investment.

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