Hydro Dams Could Drive Energy Revolution

Tasmania’s Hydro dams might become gigantic storage “batteries” for wind power, boosting productivity, energy security and state income from power exports. Adoption of “pumped storage hydro” technology could underpin a revolution in energy generation without the need for controversial new dams. Put simply, it would involve using wind turbines, or possibly solar energy, to power… Read More

Interest Free Energy

The Tasmanian Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (TEELS) is a joint initiative of the Tasmanian Government and Aurora Energy to assist people with the purchase of energy efficient products. A list of applicable products has been released for the interest-free residential ($4,000) and business ($10,000) loans. Includes our products : Non-ducted reverse cycle air conditioners –… Read More

Peter Lees Real Estate Goes Solar

Peter Lees Real Estate has taken a great leap forward in energy conservation we are not talking about the energy or enthusiasm of the staff of Peter Lees Real Estate. We are talking about their pioneering step forward into solar energy teaming with Jessups Solar Squad, to install the roof top solar system for their… Read More

You Think The Sun is Bright?!

Commercial Solar

Some fun facts about commercial solar to absorb from your friendly solar people at Jessups Solar Squad… Let’s break it down: The sun is still free. Massive rebates apply up to 100 kw system, whether you have huge power bills needing a 100kw system, or anywhere in between. A 100 Kw Solar System can cut… Read More

Hazelwood Power Station Closure to Impact Tasmanian Electricity Prices

Hazelwood power station

The Examiner (February 23rd) reported that the closure of Victorias Hazelwood Power Station in March will affect prices electricity in Tasmania and that medium-sized Tasmanian businesses, in particular, are likely to feel the Hazelwood squeeze. The report went on about “Changes to tariff structures for regulated electricity pricing which come into effect on July 1” would… Read More

3 Year Ownership for Commercial Solar Systems is a Reality


The prices for solar systems have hit an all time low. Many factors, including a cessation of rebates in China causing a glut of solar panels stock by manufacturers, have contributed us being able to supply solar panels at this record breaking price. Previously business owners could expect a 4 or 5 years payback period…. Read More

Solar System for the Grindelwald Community Centre

Solar Panels - Grindelwald Community Centre Launceston

We were pleased wrap up the end of the year at Solar Squad with a large solar installation at the Grindelwald Retirement Village Community Centre! The Community Centre is a facility that maintains many power hungry services, including: an indoor swimming pool – maintained at 37 degrees year round, a large dehumidifier, a ducted air… Read More

Behind The Scenes At Jessups Solar Squad

Solar Panel Installation - transport

Here is a sneak peak into the solar panel installation process.  There is a lot that goes into a solar panel installation, and it starts with preparations at our warehouse.  In this video you’ll see Lloyd hard at work.  He is in the process of preparing the solar panels for our next installation.   The… Read More

Going Above & Beyond – Heat Pump Servicing

Servicing your heat pump is an annual necessity.  It ensures that your unit is working to its fullest, is giving you the highest possible energy efficiency and prevents major damage. But it needs to serviced properly! Otherwise it’s just a waste money that leaves you exposed to  higher running costs, expensive repairs and early life… Read More