Talking Commercial Solar: Live Broadcast with Brian Carlton

Live Radio - Talking Commercial Solar

Jessups Solar Squad was live to air on LAFM, Tasmania Talks with Brian Carlton.  On Wednesday 6th February from 9 am to 12 noon, we discussed all aspects of commercial solar.  This event was a follow up from our hugely successful first live show in December on home solar. The word is out… Commercial solar is so… Read More

“An Awesome Job”

Solar System for Launceston Home

The team at Jessups Solar squad is committed to providing the very best service. Our installation team lead, by Maurice, is no exception! Our clients were so impressed with their solar system installation that they contacted us to compliment the team on a job well done. “Thank you for the fantastic work the contractor did… Read More

Quantum Leap Battery Storage has Arrived

ARVIO Battery for Solar Systems

The new super capacitor Arvio battery system for your solar system outlasts and outperforms any other battery on the market today. If Cleopatra purchased one of these in her day, it would still be working in another 700 years from now! Other batteries, such as Tesla, BYD, and Samsung, use the lithium-ion battery design. The… Read More

Rooftops and Business Opportunities

We came across a great article recently. Most would agree with this wonderful observation. Please read and enjoy this article written by Romy Stephens, a Monash University Science and Journalism Student, titled…. “Roof Space an untapped resource for supermarkets” From my local gym I have a perfect view of the main local shopping strip. What… Read More

The Block and Daikin

Been watching The Block? Daikin is the exclusive air conditioner supplier for the Block season 2017 Daikin’s VRV IV-S system was the recommended product for the show. Due to the narrow lot sizes, the compact footprint of the outdoor unit allowed for it to be placed out of sight without compromising on the external appearance of… Read More

TEELS Interest Free Loans Update

The state government has received 2761 eligible requests for loans under the Tasmanian Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme in less than four months.The scheme, a partnership between the government, Aurora Energy and Westpac, allows households and small businesses to apply for interest-free loans of up to $10,000 for energy-efficient products. The requests included 1127 requests for loans for… Read More

Customer Service

When you call Jessups Solar Squad for a heating or solar solution we do take pride in going above and beyond. Tackling a Heritage listed home was one that needed a bit more planning and consultation with the homes owner. We are glad to say it worked out well.  Hello John and Mike.  The units… Read More

That Battery Question?

At Jessups Solar Squad we get a lot of questions on batteries. A recent article on Electric Vehicles shows that the EV battery market is a 240-Billion-dollar industry so who are the major players? Well there’s LG Chem and a Panasonic/Tesla Partnership and BYD. BYD, although not that well known broadly as a brand, is… Read More

Feed In Tariffs Increased

The Tasmanian economic regulator has just announced the solar feed-in tariff for 2017-2018. This is the amount paid for energy fed into the grid for solar owners who are not on the legacy FiT of 28.3c. The new rate is 8.929/kWh, an increase of 34% on the 2016-2017 rate of 6.671 c/kWh (GST exclusive). The increase is a result of… Read More

Solar Savings! There’s No Better Time.

  Want to learn more about Solar Energy and putting savings into your back pocket? Do you want to talk to someone genuine and honest who has your best interests at heart? Then I suggest you speak to us at Jessups Solar Squad because we’ll do just that. For over a decade we had the… Read More