That Battery Question?

At Jessups Solar Squad we get a lot of questions on batteries. A recent article on Electric Vehicles shows that the EV battery market is a 240-Billion-dollar industry so who are the major players?

Well there’s LG Chem and a Panasonic/Tesla Partnership and BYD.

BYD, although not that well known broadly as a brand, is in fact not only Chinas leading EV manufacturer but also one of the world’s EV battery suppliers.

In the Solar Panel world, although there are about twenty or more battery brands available, Tesla and Sonnen seem to have good brand recognition and rate well. We believe BYD will be a major player and will be top three as they are in the EV world. BYD also stands for “Build Your Dream”.

At Jessups Solar Squad we look for the most reliable and trusted brands to use in our Solar set ups. Of course, price is a factor and like the Flat Screen TV of many years back we are expecting a rapid price decrease over time by demand, manufacture and technology.

Our first tip is to “Panel up” first. Then you are battery ready. Then you can start saving today, immediately, on your power and hot water bills. Second big tip is to see the reliable locals at Jessups Solar Squad for expert advice and let us, help you, “Build your dream”.

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