3 Year Ownership for Commercial Solar Systems is a Reality

The prices for solar systems have hit an all time low. Many factors, including a cessation of rebates in China causing a glut of solar panels stock by manufacturers, have contributed us being able to supply solar panels at this record breaking price.

Commercial Solar Systems - TasmaniaPreviously business owners could expect a 4 or 5 years payback period. With the new prices, commercial solar systems will now give a payback in as little as 3 years. That’s a 33.33% ROI’s if you invest now…

But wait, there’s more… Insider information gained today from one of Australia’s major power retailer executives indicates that a 20% hike in power prices is imminent. This will drive the down the 3 year ownership even further, simply because higher power prices equates to increased savings with your solar system.

For commercial solar systems, let’s break it down…

  • A 100 kw system delivers around 85% of a typical business‘s power bills.
    That’s a yield of between $30k – $35k per annum, based on current prices. Or between $35k to $40k with proposed price hikes becoming a reality.
  • A system is supported by around $68k of rebates, so after GST claim back your net is under $100k, installed.

Naturally, smaller or larger businesses can be accommodated with a tailored solution too. It’s what we do!

This is for the premium gear, we refuse to offer anything less than our world class equipment!

You won’t be disappointed… One of your largest business costs is up for decimation. With our intrinsically reliable and over performing systems, field proven with well over 1000 systems. That’s over 12,000 panels we have loaded onto Tassie rooftops! The maintenance costs are tiny or completely non-existent. We see well below 1% service equipment failure issues with peripheral switches, etc, and next to no core product breakdowns. Perhaps it’s our top edge, world premium, equipment simply driving this reality and our customer’s enduring satisfaction!

Ask us for your free analysis to see for yourself how valuable an investment in commercial solar will be for your business.

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