Domestic Solar

Solar Power for Your Home

Take control of your energy, invest in your future & reduce your environmental impact.

Sustainable Energy

Solar energy is a sustainable, renewable and an affordable way to power your home and preserve our valuable resources.

Freedom From Bills

Increases in power prices are inevitable. Investing in the right solar system is a clear path to controlling your cost of living for decades to come.

The Highest Returns

By investing in our high quality Suntech and SMA grid systems you will get a short pay back period, high performance and decades of reliability and endurance.

A Sound Investment

Domestic SolarYour solar grid system will pay for itself in a short period of time. Our most popular system size (5.7kw system), typically sees $1200-$1400 saved from your power bill in the first year. As power prices go up, you save even more.

All your energy savings and power you sell back to the grid are non-taxable, as solar credits are not classed as income. Note that, any credit balances you have with your energy retailer can be refunded to your bank account on request.

Our quality solar systems have next to no maintenance costs.  The panels are self cleaning and rarely require attention.

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Quality That Lasts


Suntech solar panels have been independently rated as Tier 1 and are 1 of 2 brands that hold VDE quality certification. That means that they are built to last and your investment is secure.

All solar systems are not created equal. With solar systems it’s not just about the quality and reliability of your system, it is so much more than that. The production outcomes and the performance of the system are also important. A quality system will deliver you more power over the life of the system and stay working at a premium level for decades longer.

SMA are one of the worlds biggest inverter manufactures and they are the only inverter in the world to be awarded VDE quality assurance certification. Typically more expensive than other brands but their enduring value and performance gives value for money. They offer up to 25 years in warranty options, illustrating their complete confidence in the quality and performance of their product.

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Planning & Installation – The Process

To ensure your planning, purchase and installation is smooth and easy, we have developed a standard 4 step process. There are many different elements to solar installation, but rest assured that we will guide you through the entire process and have your solar system installed as quickly as possible.

Throughout the entire process, we prepare and guide you through signing all paper work, creating a stress free process for you. Let’s get started! Request a free analysis from us today!

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