That Battery Question?

At Jessups Solar Squad we get a lot of questions on batteries. A recent article on Electric Vehicles shows that the EV battery market is a 240-Billion-dollar industry so who are the major players? Well there’s LG Chem and a Panasonic/Tesla Partnership and BYD. BYD, although not that well known broadly as a brand, is… Read More

Feed In Tariffs Increased

The Tasmanian economic regulator has just announced the solar feed-in tariff for 2017-2018. This is the amount paid for energy fed into the grid for solar owners who are not on the legacy FiT of 28.3c. The new rate is 8.929/kWh, an increase of 34% on the 2016-2017 rate of 6.671 c/kWh (GST exclusive). The increase is a result of… Read More

Solar Savings! There’s No Better Time.

Want to learn more about Solar Energy and putting savings into your back pocket? Do you want to talk to someone genuine and honest who has your best interests at heart? Then I suggest you speak to us at Jessups Solar Squad because we’ll do just that. For over a decade we had the pleasure… Read More

We Warned You!

Tasmania’s Economic Regulator approves increase!! As reported Friday the 23rd of June. Electricity prices will rise two per cent, or about $38, next year, the Tasmanian Economic Regulator confirmed on Friday. However, regulator Joe Dimasi warned prices would vary between households.  For example, residences with low light and power usage and high space heating usage could expect… Read More

Turn Your Excess Power Into Hot Water

You’ll be asking “What’s the catch” soon……but for a very different reason……. Let us at Jessups Solar Squad tell you about a great new product that will excite anyone that has Solar Panels. Generally it’s not economical to run your hot water from your Solar System. In Tasmania hot water and heating is generally placed… Read More

Interest Free Loans Doubled For TEELS!

Jessups Solar Squad has great news for all Tasmanian residents and small to medium business owners re the Tasmanian Governments current TEELS funding. 6 June 2017, Matthew Groom, Minister for Energy, released this Press statement….. Funding for TEELS to increase to $20 million “Due to the significant interest by Tasmanians to access interest-free loans through… Read More

Heat Pumps Recommended Over Gas

Consumers large and small are set to pay higher energy prices but it has little to do with looming “gas shortages” cited by the market operator, energy researchers with Melbourne University said. A study by Tim Forcey and Dylan McConnell at the university’s Climate & Energy College challenged forecasts in March by the Australian Energy Market… Read More

Benefit of TEELS?

With a TEELS loan you can get a Jessups Solar Squad premium Solar Panel  5.7Kw system that demonstrates some $1,260 annual savings  on power bills plus they will also save some 52% off hot water bills, that’s another $200 annually, all up some $1,460 annual savings as typical. Use your 3 year interest free TEELS loan… Read More

Great News! State Government subsidy on now … limited funds … A Daikin Heat Pump ,Up to $3600, they write off half the price and you pay balance interest Free !!!

With the support of the Aurora Energy YES Program and the State government,         The NILS Network of Tasmania will offer subsidies* and loans for the purchase of selected energy efficient items. A 50% subsidy is applied to the purchase and installation of selected energy efficient items. A maximum combined loan and subsidy… Read More